Part One

Okay, this stress was going to kill me. Literally. I squeezed Atiyyahs hand nervously and she gave me a reassuring smile. “Just twenty more minutes, Zahraa.”
Impatiently, i got up and went to fetch a glass of water. I stared at my hands in disgust as i realised that i had bitten my nails. Really? Ew. Whoever said that Matric was stressful failed to mention that the night before the results were published was even worse. It was 11:40pm and my father was waiting at the garage to buy the paper. My closest friend Atiyyah was at my house with her mother, and we were both waiting anxiously for our results.
Without drinking the water, i began pacing up and down the hallway. I knew that i had passed: that was a given. Excuse me for sounding conceited, but Atiyyah and I were beyond failing. It’s just that with the amount of work and effort I had put into this past year, I’d be disappointed if i got anything less than seven A’s. I gave up pretty much everything; my social life, my hobbies, Zubair.. Okay no time to think about that now!
I returned to the lounge and sat down on the floor. Thirty seconds later i was on the sofa next to Atiyyah, and two minutes after that on the windowsill. I kept fidgeting and just couldn’t keep still! Atiyyahs mother, Aunty Salma, smiled sympathetically at me. “Don’t stress sweetheart, i’m sure the two of you got all A’s. We all have so much of faith in both of you.”
“Way to add more stress Mummy!” Atiyyah grumbled.
Our mothers laughed, and Aunty Salma continued, “Just remember Zahraa, your grades aren’t the be all and end all of life. Whether you get your A’s or not, life still goes on.”
“Thank god i have a mother who thinks that way. I don’t think i’ll be able to deal with the added stress of wondering what your parents reactions are gonna be when they see your results.”
“Excuse me, Miss Joosub! I was talking to Zahraa, not you. If your father was also a multi millionaire maybe i would have said the same to you, but he’s not. If you don’t get all A’s, you’ll end up working for your father.”
Atiyyah just rolled her eyes and continued with her silent duaas. I sat perched on the windowsill and wrapped my arms around my legs. It was funny how some people thought that my grades didn’t matter just because my father was rich. Even though we had so much of money, we didn’t lead a very lavish lifestyle, and lived in a modest home. Branded clothes and the latest fashion trends didn’t interest me either, and i could count the number of designer outfits i had on one hand.
In all honesty my grades really wouldn’t affect my future, but i felt as if i had something to prove, that i wasn’t just “that rich girl living off her fathers money”.
At five past twelve I heard my fathers car pull up into the driveway, and Atiyyah and I ran out before our mothers could say anything. My father was walking towards us with the paper in his hand, and i rushed forward and grabbed it from him. This was it!! I quickly opened the paper and searched for our names..


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