Part Two

“Joosub A..maths, eng, afrik, lo, bio, acc, bs..OMG ATTZ!!! YOU DID IT!!!”
She grabbed the paper from my hand. “V..V..there we go! Vawda Z.. Eng math,afrik, lo, bio, acc, physics, geog..You got a full set also!!”
We started screaming and jumping up and down. We hugged each other, half crying, half laughing. Our parents all had tears in their eyes, and my father came forward and hugged me. “You did. You actually did. I’m so proud of you.”
My brothers, Suhail and Zakariyya, were dancing around us and everyone was in great spirits. After a while Atiyyahs parents left. Atiyyah was staying the night, and we went upstairs, totally exhausted.
Atiyyah flopped on my bed then sat up again. “Zaa.. It’s over. Our life as we know it is over!”
“I know,” i said, sitting down next to her. “After this, you’re gonna be in UKZN and i’m going to WITS. For the first time ever we’re going to be apart.”
“I’m not sure if i’m ready for such a big change.”
“Me neither, but Atts, no matter what, you’ll always be my best friend and i’ll always be here for you, you know that.”
Atiyyah didn’t say anything, so i continued. “And besides, we have four months of non-stop fun ahead of us.We need to start sorting out the finer details of our trip!”
The two of us were going to Malaysia with my parents for a month. My father was building an orphanage in Phuket, and i wanted to help with the interior decorating. While we were ther, we planned on taking a holiday as well. My brothers weren’t coming, so that just left Atiyyah and i with my parents.
“Oh yes! I actually forgot about that for while..”
“We’ll start planning tomorrow okay?”
“Attz.. Its not the end.. Its the beginning of a new chapter in our lives..”
“Well then, to new beginnings,” she said with a small smile.
“To new beginnings,” i replied.


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