Part Four

“Nice to meet you, Azhar” I stared at his eyes, hypnotized. He really had the most gorgeous eyes ever.
“You’re not swimming?” He gestured towards the surf.
“Nah not really in the mood.”
As i got up to get something to eat, i felt a tap on my shoulder. Turning around, i came face to face with Nabeel. Before i could say anything, he hauled me over his shoulder and started running towards the water. “Wha-?” Turning my head, i saw Azhar besides us. “No! No Nabeel! Put me down!” I banged my fists against his back. “Nabeeeel!”
Laughing, he let go off me. We were already in the shallow water, and my jeans were soaked up to my knees.
“Idiots, i tell you,” i grumbled. “Idiots everywhere.” As i turned to go back, Azhar grabbed my arms and Nabeel lifted my legs. I began screaming. “Nononooo.. Guys stop it!” My pleas fell on deaf ears as they both started counting.
“One.. Two.. Three!” With a splat i landed in the water. As luck would have it, a humungous wave chose to make its appearance, and i ended up getting tumbled around in the wave. I surfaced, coughing up salt water and spluttered, “I (cough) hate (cough) you guys!”
Laughing, they high-fived, and Nabeel took a picture. Grinning he said, “Sorry Vee. It was all Azhars idea. I must say though, you look like a comic.”
Scowling, i made my way back to where the rest of them were sitting and also laughing. Atiyyah handed me a towel which i gladly accepted. “Looks like someone has a crush on you,” she said with a smirk.
“Whatever. I’m not interested.”
“Is this because of Zubair? Zahraa, you need-” I silenced her with a warning glance as Azhar came and sat down next to us.
“Sorry,” he was still smiling.
“Sorry doesn’t help.”
“So then what will?”
Spotting a candy cart, i pointed at it. “Candyfloss.”
He bought me a packet, then returned. “Now do you forgive me?”
Grabbing the packet i squealed excitedly. “Yep, all’s forgiven”
I lived for candyfloss. And ice cream. And chocolate. And food. You know how people always say that the way to a mans heart is through his stomach? Yeah well, for me it was pretty much the same. Buy me food and i’ll love you forever.
Azhar watched me with fascination. “I’ve never seen an eighteen year olds eyes light up like that for candyfloss.”
“Yeah well I’m not a normal teenager. I’m special.”
The rest of the day went by quickly and by the evening everyone was exhausted. Atiyyah and I decided to chill at home for the night, so we headed back in my car.
“I saw you and Azhar exchanging a few words before we left. What was all that about?”
“Nothing. He apologized for dunking me.”
“Andd? Did he ask for your number?”
“I left before he could.”
Sighing, i said, “I don’t know Attz. Im not ready for a relationship just yet. The next four months are about finding myself and figuring out what i really want in life. I’m not sure i want to even study pharmacy next year, let alone go to Wits. A relationship will just cloud my vision.”
“Okay.. But.. Just promise me something? You’re not gonna let what happened in the past with Zubair affect your future with whoever it is, okay?”
“I promise.”
At home, we chilled for a bit and watched a movie. After supper we sat down with the laptop to sort out the details of the trip. My father wasn’t very clued up when it came to booking flights and hotel rooms because his PA usually took care of all his business trips, so he left the planning to me.
“Hey Attz! Time to plan the holiday of our lives!”


3 thoughts on “Part Four

  1. I like atiyyah too can’t wait for her p.o.v!! But awesome post! I wonder what happened with the Zubair person and Zahra! And I’m wondering if azhar likes Zahra! Post soon!!

    Liked by 1 person

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