Part Six

The next morning I messaged Zaahid:

Me: Hey Zaa
Zaahid: Hey Zaa😊
Me: Stop that😒
Zaahid: Stop whaat?😌
Me: Forget it. You’re hopeless. I need a favour please☺️
Zaahid: So what else is new?😒 what does Her Royal Highness need now?
Me: Atiyyah and I need to go get a few things for our trip. We were thinking of going to Galleria, only
problem is.. My car is gone in for a service and no way am i driving Daddys M5
Zaahid: Why not? That’s such a boss car😍
Me: It turns heads! And I like blending in😔
Zaahid: Lol Vee, you’re too abnormal to ‘blend in’😂
Me: Oh shutup.😒 So? Will you take us?
Zaahid: Do i look like your chauffeur?😒
Me: Noo you look like my best friend.. Also, like the person who’ll get a free Mochachos burger if he
takes us.. As well as three scoops of Freddo Special for dessert..
Zaahid: I’ll be there in an hour😊

Yesss! I quickly woke Atiyyah up and we got ready. True to his word, Zaahid arrived an hour later, just as we were finishing breakfast. Coming into the kitchen, he plopped down on a stool and made himself comfortable.
“And now?” I asked him with raised eyebrows.
“Now you make me tea. And then we go.”
“Make it yourself. You know where everything is.”
“Hey Atiyyah! Make me tea.”
Atiyyah snorted. “Just because you want to be our driver doesn’t mean i want to be your maid. Get it yourself.”
Stifling a laugh, I finished my coffee. Just then my mother walked in.”Slms Zaahid. What are you doing here? Didn’t know you were coming.”
“Wslm Aunty Ayesha. I was just going to make myself a cup of tea.. Zahraa wants to go shopping today so i rushed and didn’t have breakfast.”
“Zahraa! Atiyyah! How can you let the poor boy make his own tea? Atiyyah, put the water to boil, and you, Zahraa, take out a cup for him.”
“Oh no, Aunty Ayesh! Don’t worry, i can sort myself out.”
“Nonsense. As it is you’re doing them a favour by taking them.”
Smirking, Zaahid leaned on the counter and watched a scowling Atiyyah pour his tea. “Thank you Joosub. You’re too sweet.”
This prompted an even deeper scowl from her. “I’ll get you back for this Ismail, just you wait.”
“For you, i’ll wait a lifetime sweetheart.”
Atiyyahs mouth dropped open.
“Zaahid! Don’t embarrass the poor girl!” My mother smacked him on his shoulder with a dishcloth.
“Haha i’m joking Aunty Ayesh, Just joking.. Tell her to loosen up a bit.”
Shaking her head, my mother continued with her work. Checking to make sure she wasn’t looking, Atiyyah quickly grabbed the bottle of fridge water and dumped it on Zaahid. “Oops! I’m so sorry! It slipped!” She had such a horrified look on her face, i just burst out laughing.
My mother had a smile on her face. “Eyy you children! 18, yet you’ll act 8!”
“I’m 19 Aunty Ayesh. And its not me, its them,” said Zaahid who was drying himself with a paper towel.
Walking out of the kitchen, Atiyyah mumbled, “You started it.”
Once she was gone, i turned to Zaahid. “Okay out with it. You like her, don’t you?”
“Whaat? Noo..”
“Excuse me? Who do you think you’re talking to? I’m your best friend. I know you better than you know yourself!”
“Okay, maybe a little. Just a little. I get a kick out of making her irritated.”
“Some advice bro.. Take it easy. Don’t come on too strong. After seeing how i was after the whole Zubair saga, i think it put her off guys. She doesn’t want to go through the same.”
Sighing, he ran his hand through his hair. “Bloody Zubair Motala. Someone should have shot him!”
Just then Atiyyah returned. “Somebody should have shot you? Yeah totally. But seeing that you’re still here, can I have the honour?”
And so the bickering continued. Eventually my mother got fed up and chased us out of the house. I jumped in the front with Zaahid whilst Atiyyah took the backseat. They were still at it when we reached Galleria. I turned around so i could look at both of them. “Can we please get through today without you two killing each other? Or is that too much too ask for?”
“As long as she doesn’t start with me, we’re good to go.”
Attiyah squeaked indignantly. “As long as he doesn’t act like the retard he is.”
Sighing i got off the car. This was going to be a very interesting day…


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