Part Seven

We decided to hit the clothing stores first. We tried on whatever we liked and then modeled it for each others approval. Zaahid lounged in the waiting area, adding his comments here and there. When I came out in a floral dress, he burst out laughing. “Vee, it looks as if you’re wearing my grandmother’s tablecloth!”
I glared at him and then turned to the mirror. “Oh..yeah okay. I see what you mean.”
Just then Atiyyah walked out in a slim black dress. “And you look like you’re dressed up for a funeral.”
“Oh why don’t you can it!”
Laughing i told her, “At least you don’t look like you’re wearing your grans tablecloth! But Attz.. The dude has a point.”
After many failed attempts and a hundred bouts of laughter from Zaahid, we finally had all the clothes that we needed.
“Okay so clothes are done. What’s next?” I asked, checking the list.
“Shoes!!” Atiyyah jumped excitedly.
“ mean there’s more shopping?” Zaahid groaned. “Dudes! Give me a break! These packets are killing my arms!”
Atiyyah smiled sweetly at him. “There’s this thing, Hero. It’s called a trolley. Get one.”

Zaahid and I left Atiyyah in the shoe shop and headed to Clicks. I needed to get a few things and also wanted to spend a bit of alone time with Zaahid before I left. I quickly got whatever I needed and met Zaahid who was waiting outside. He took my packet and I smiled at him. “This is why I love you so much. Which other guy would even bother to think about carrying my parcels for me?”
He slung his free hand over my shoulder. “You’re my little sister Zaa. If i don’t do it, who will?”
My stomach rumbled. “Let’s go get that burger I promised you?”
Laughing he said, “You’re hungry already? But you just ate!”
“Two hours ago! I need food.”
“What about Miss Joosub?”
“She’s in her element. I’d say she’ll be at least another 45 minutes. C’mon let’s goo.”
“45 minutes! Eish that chick is high maintenance man.”
“Shush you. She’s only like this with you.”
“Me? Why? What have i ever done to her?” He protested.
“I suppose you just bring out the worst in everyone,” I teased.

After lunch we headed back to find Atiyyah. Just as i had predicted, she was still busy deciding which pairs to take and which ones to leave. “I think those are cuter.” I pointed at the pair laying next to her.
“The one that you’re wearing looks better,” Zaahid said casually, studying his phone.
After five more minutes of deliberation she finally made up her mind. I hid a small smile as I watched her hand the salesperson the one that Zaahid had liked.
“Anywhere else?” Asked Zaahid, once we were done.
“Nope i think we’re good. Do you have everything Attz?” She nodded.
I went through the list one more time. “Oh wait! I just remembered that my mother wants washing powder. It’s on special in Checkers Hyper.”
We made our way there and Atiyyah and I began hunting for the washing powder. Zaahid had disappeared into the electronics section. They were having some kind of competition and there was a raucous coming from that area.
Just as we were paying for the stuff, we heard Zaahids voice on the mic. “Oh hell. What is he upto now?”
Atiyyah just shrugged. “I still don’t get how you can be so close with someone like him.”
We heard another voice. “Okay, Ladies and Gents! We have Zaahid Ismail here, who’s taken up the challenge of telling us what the fox says. Yep, you heard right. We’re gonna play the song that went viral a while back and then our boy Zaahid here will continue. Give him a round of applause guys!”
Atiyyah and I looked at each other in horror. “Oh no. No no no. This can’t be happening.” We rushed off towards the crowd that was forming around them and pushed our way through.
The chorus began just as we got to the front. The presenter guy or whoever he was told the crowd to sing along. Everyone shouted, “WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY?”
And then Zaahid, who was smiling and doing this weird dance move goes, “Ring-ding-ding-ding” and did this weird jig.
Everyone in the crowd, including the presenter burst out laughing. Atiyyah groaned and covered her face. I was torn. This was SO like Zaahid. Creating drama everywhere he went and constantly finding ways to make people laugh. As he walked off the stage people began clapping and whistling. Grinning, he made his way to us. “So? Did you enjoy it?”
“That. Was. Terrible.” Atiyyah glared at him and then burst into a fit of giggles.
Laughing, I said, “Now that you’ve had your fifteen minutes of fame, can we leave?”
“Yupp. We should go before people start coming to me for autographs.”
“Oh get off your high horse and help me with these parcels.”
As we were loading the car, Zaahids phone rang. “Hey bro, whatsup…..Nah i’m at Galleria. Took Zahraa and her friend shopping…..Yeah, Zahraa Vawda…. Okay wait lemme check.”
Turning to us he said, “Azhar wants to meet up for coffee at Mugg&Bean. Want to go?”
Atiyyah and I looked at each other. Quickly Atiyyah said, “Yeah sure I don’t mind. It’ll be fun.”
It didn’t take rocket science to figure out that she wanted me to see Azhar again.
“What about you Zaa?” Zaahid asked.
I looked at both of them. “Uhh..”


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