Part Nine

The next few days passed in a blur. Atiyyah had gone back home to pack, and my mother and I were running around like headless chicken sorting out last minute things. In between packing, I was frequently making trips to the mall for forgotten items. Every time I tried packing, I discovered that I was missing something. Eventually my mother told me to just relax and that I could just buy whatever i needed from there. I couldn’t help but feel a bit frazzled. An entire month away from home wasn’t something I was looking forward to. As exciting as the idea of a holiday with my best friend seemed, I knew that I was going to miss home and my brothers. They were going to stay with my grandparents.
On Sunday morning we loaded our bags into the car and left for the airport. We said our goodbyes to my brothers and grandparents at home as they weren’t coming to drop us off. On the way, Zaahid messaged me:

Zaahid: Hey you! Left already?
Me: Hey hey! Yupp😴 on the way to the airport
Zaahid: Damn. Okay well then i’ll meet you there
Me: Don’t worry about coming Zaa.. Airport is far
Zaahid: Don’t tell me what to do😒 One whole month without you!! I have to see you before you go
Me: Okay okayy. I feel special now😊see you later

When we got to the airport I checked in on Atiyyah. She said they were ten minutes away. My father checked our luggage in and sorted out all the paperwork whilst I took a small nap on those horribly uncomfortable silver seats. I was utterly exhausted and was in dire need of sleep. A little while later I felt a few drops of water on my face. I opened one eye and found Zaahid standing over me with a bottle of water in his hand. “‘Sup?” He sat next to me.
“Hey you.” I yawned.
“You can sleep on the plane. Talk to me now.”
I looked at him. “I’m gonna miss you, you know that?”
“I’ll miss you too. Why do you think i’m here?”
“To see Atiyyah maybe?” I laughed.
“Ha! No chance! You come first.”
Just then Atiyyah came over. “Hey guys!”
Zaahid laughed. “Hey look! She can smile! Who would have thought?”
“Oh shutup why don’t you? I’m excited okaaaay!”
We laughed at her. After twenty minutes of joking around, we had to check in.
Hugging Zaahid, I told him, “I’ll skype you whenever I can. And i’ll buy you lots of presents.”
“You better,” he said, ruffling my hair. Turning to Atiyyah, he said. “Have a good holiday. I know you’ll miss me, but try to control yourself.”
“Ha! Delusional much.” She pushed passed him.
After greeting Atiyyahs parents, we checked in.
“These metal detectors are soo cool!” Atiyyah squealed. “Seems like we’re in a movie or something.”
My father laughed at her. “I’ve never seen anyone excited about having their personal belongings searched, but okay.”
We waited another twenty minutes inside before the boarding gates opened. We made our way to the aeroplane and found our seats. We were flying in Economy, because according to my father, “Whether we fly in First Class, Business or Economy, we’re still arriving at the same destination.”
It made sense and it didn’t bother me in the least bit. I was just happy to be fortunate enough to go on holiday.
As we got ready for take-off, i squeezed Atiyyahs hand. “Let’s go have the time of our lives!”


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