Part Thirteen

The next few days passed with the same routine. We would head down to the construction site and help out with the painting. It was actually lots of fun, and we were given brightly coloured paint that looked super cool on the walls. It was exhausting though, so Atiyyah and I hardly did any sightseeing. My mother would bring us lunch and we’d only head back to the hotel after five. Naeem was his usual self, distant but sometimes friendly. I tried as hard as I could to ignore him but just his presence made my heart race. Why, oh why, did he have to be so handsome?
On Friday night my father decided that enough was enough. “The two of you have been working very hard and I don’t want you to get drained before you leave on Monday. Take the day off tomorrow and go to one of the islands. I’ll ask Naeem to organize it.”
We gladly accepted. Later that night there was a knock on the door. I opened it and came face to face with Naeem. Actually no, face to shoulder with Naeem. He was so tall that I had to look up to see his face.
“Here.” He handed me two tickets.
“What’s this?”
“Your tickets for the ferry ride. It’ll take you to Phi Phi Island. You’ll leave at 7.”
“Oh. Thanks.”
He nodded and walked away.
Atiyyah took the tickets from me.
Reading it, she pointed at the name.”Ookaay. How is that pronounced? Is it Fee Fee or Fy Fy?”
“Or it could be Pie Pie. Or wait! Better yet! Pee Pee!” I burst out laughing.
“You are so immature,” She laughed.
We had called it an early night, so we were fresh the next morning. We took a walk to the dock where the ferry was waiting. Instead of taking a seat inside, we sat outside on the edge of the ferry, with our legs dangling over the side. The water was so clear and blue, unlike our South African beaches which are on the greenish side. After two hours of taking selfies and coming up with possible theories of what we could do to survive if the ferry sank, we reached the island. We chilled for a bit, had brunch and went snorkeling. Swimming with the fish was so cool! Zaahid would have loved it. I really wished I could have brought him with. We spent the rest of the day chilling on the beach before catching the last ferry back. We sat outside again so we could enjoy the beautiful sunset. Music boomed from the speakers and the theme song of Titanic started.
“C’mon.” I tugged on Atiyyahs sleeve. We made our way to the bow just as the chorus started. I climbed the step and spread my arms out just like Rose did in Titanic, singing along.”Near, faar, whereeeever you are, I believe that the heart does go onn.”
People that were inside came out to see what was going on, and everyone started laughing and cheering me on. When it came to the last few lines, practically everyone had joined in, and we finished off with a loud “My heart willl go onn aandd onn.” Everyone started clapping and I took a bow. I winked at Atiyyah, who was videoing the whole thing. “How was that?”
“These people are probably wondering who this psycho is.”
“Making memories, sweetheart, making memories.”


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