Part Seventeen

We spent the next week shopping up a storm (yes I know that its supposed to be ‘cooking up a storm’ but I like improvising) and doing a bit of sight-seeing here and there. Naeem would join us if he wasn’t busy with work. We enjoyed each others company now that Naeem had loosened up around us.

On Saturday morning whilst we were shopping Atiyyah smiled as Naeem took the packet from her.
“Share the joke madam,” I nudged her.
“No joke.. I thought of how Zaahid was complaining about carrying our packets that day when we went shopping, and then I thought of how he pulled his Karaoke stunt at Checkers.”
I burst out laughing at the memory. “I see someone is missing him hey,” I teased.
Naeem pulled a face. “We’re talking about that Zaahid guy again? Do the two of you not know of any other guys?”
Atiyyah laughed. “Zaahid puts the ‘Za’ in Zahraa. The day that goes by without Zahraa mentioning him is the day that I will shave my hair off.”
From the corner of my eye I saw Naeem flinch.
“Uh excuse me? You were the one who brought him up this time so don’t blame it on me.”
We carried on with our usual banter as we took a walk back to the hotel. Once we were in the room, Naeem and Atiyyah plonked down in front of the tv and I took out my cellphone. “Hey turn that thing down, i’m calling Zaahid.”
After a few rings Zaahid picked up. “Vawdaaa! Hey you! How’s it? How’s the holiday going?”
“Hey Zaa! I’m good and holiday is great! But I miss you.”
“I miss you more. How’s your friend?”
Laughing, I said,”She has a name you know and she’s great.”
“Is she missing me yet?”
Why don’t you ask her yourself?” I pressed the speakerphone button. “Hey Attz! Zaahid wants to know if you’re missing him.”
Atiyyah snorted. “Please! I miss that annoying mosquito that keeps buzzing in my room more than I miss him.”
“I’m dying here Joosub, dying I tell you.”
“Ooh please wait until we come back to kick the bucket.. I don’t want to miss the free chow.”
“You’re heartless woman. Hey Zaa? Where did you disappear to?”
“I’m here. What’s up? How’s things on that side?”
“Same old, same old. Quite boring without you actually. Oh hey, how’s that dude you were telling me about? The accountant-slash-chauffeur-slash-bodyguard one? Still being babysat?”
I froze. “Uhh..”


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