Part Eighteen

Authors Note
This post is dedicated to the author of Life Love Destiny, a super cool and amazing blog, just because she kindly requested a surprise post (and in hope that she will start the next season soon😋)

“Uhh.. Zaa i’m running outta airtime. I’ll call you tomorrow okay?” I spoke in a rush.
“Ayto i’ll be waiting. Only two weeks before you come home!”
We said our goodbyes and I cut the call.
I was suddenly fascinated with the pattern on the pillowcase, which I traced with my finger, not wanting to make eye contact with Naeem. I knew from a quick glance at his face that he was trying to figure out what Zaahid had meant by what he said but he didn’t say anything.
Surprisingly, Atiyyah kept her mouth shut for once.
“Well it has been a productive morning but now I have some of my own work to finish off so I’d better be going,” he said, standing up.
Atiyyah stood up to let him out. “We’re going to Sunway Lagoon tomorrow. It’s about two hours from here so we’ll leave at around 7am. Must we meet you in the lobby or will you come here?”
“We’ll meet in the lobby.” He opened the door, then turned around. “Oh hey.. Will my services as a chauffeur or as a bodyguard be required for tomorrow? I’m just asking so I know which uniform to wear.”
Groaning, I buried my face in the pillow.
“Oh shush! Get out, goo!” Atiyyah swatted his arm and kicked him out, shutting the door behind him. We could hear his laughter coming from the lift area.
“Now do you believe me when I say that Zaahid was dropped from hell? He’s literally a thousand miles away, with a sea separating us, yet he still manages to cause it.” Atiyyah dropped down on the sofa next to me.
I sighed. “Why me?”
Laughing, Atiyyah moved the pillow away so she could see my face. “Chill, he’s just teasing you.”
“Hm. Doesn’t make it any less embarrassing.”
Atiyyah settled down to watch tv and I cuddled up in bed, catching up on LLDs posts. It’s my absolute favourite and Aara and Zoheb are my favouritist (I made up that word because ‘favourite’ doesn’t do justice) couple. My heart sank as I read the last post narrated by Zoheb. “Nooo Zoheb noooo. Don’t be all selfless and give Aara up just for Nemos sake!”
Atiyyah poked her head over the sofa. “You do realise that firstly Zoheb is not a real person, and secondly, even if he was he wouldn’t be able to hear you.”
“Oh boo hoo. You know, these Naeems just cause everything! I didn’t make Dhaiwaras on Saturday because they’re Nemos favourite, not Zohebs. Ha!”
“And this is where I point out to you that Nemo is not real and even if he was, whether or not you made Dhaiwaras, it wouldn’t have affected his life in the least bit.”
“Oh shut it. You’re so annoying sometimes.” I stuck my tongue out at her.
Laughing she said,”If you were as enthusiastic about your own relationships as you are about Aara and Zoheb, maybe they would have lasted longer.”
“Nahh I doubt it. Now leave me alone, I’m going to sleep.”
I woke up a couple of hours later to find Atiyyah conked out on the sofa. Covering her with a blanket, I headed out for some fresh air. After roaming about the streets aimlessly, I went back to the hotel and saw Naeem seated at a table in the restaurant, tapping away furiously at his laptop.
“Hey.” I slid into the seat across him.
“Hey.” He carried on typing, then let out a frustrated groan.
“What’s wrong?”
“There’s something wrong with these figures. They are way off but I can’t seem to find the problem.”
“What’s it related to?”
“The Phuket Project.”
“Can I see?”
“It’s confidential. Client privilege and all that.”
“Well then it’s a good thing that i’m your boss because I now require your services as an accountant.” I folded my arms on the table and looked at him expectantly.
Laughing he gestured for me to bring my chair closer. “See there. I don’t understand how the equipment could have lost so much of value in such a short space of time and I can’t get into contact with the accountants from SA who did the books.”
I studied the figures for a while, then flipped through the pages on the table. “Hey wait! See here.” I tapped my finger on a page. “It’s been depreciated on cost and not on carrying value. That’s why the value dropped so much.”
Naeem studied it for a moment then let out a whistle. “You’re right. I didn’t even look at these. They’ve hit a flop.” He stared at me with new found admiration. “You know your stuff hey.”
I shrugged. “I enjoy it.”
He began packing up. “Looks like you’ve found your calling.”
Smiling, I said,”Looks like I have..look out, pretty soon you’ll have to find yourself a new job.”


9 thoughts on “Part Eighteen

  1. I’ve been so back with posts lately and only managed to catch up again now.. Absolutely awesome… Keep it up and paleeeeeeez post very very soon… Can’t wait for more 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. wow!!!so i jx read everythin in 1 go n wow!!!i jx luv lld even n i wana suscribe n any tips on rytin a book???i jx luv atiya n zaahid n zaahra n naeem…tho azhar is evn nyc…thnx 4 postin n wenz the next post???

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh myyy..I am officially gobsmacked! The whole zahraa reading lld was really sweet and attiyas take on it had me laughing out loud:-D now when I say that your writing is fantastic im not saying it without good reason. .
    I am truly touched…you wrote this post especially for me♥ I know how hectic it can be to sit and write especially when you’re busy so I really really appreciate it
    Loved it!& not just because of the lld bits:-D

    You truly are a sweetheart♥ thank you so much n yes I will try to start season four as soon as I can:-)

    Liked by 1 person

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