Part Fifteen

We took the train to our hotel. Almost everyone here travels by train, seeing that it’s a lot quicker than traveling by road. Naeem, Atiyyah and I looked like retards trying to get on and off the railway with our big suitcases. To make matters worse, the hotel we were staying at was a ten minute walk from the station and we had to lug our suitcases along the streets. People stared at us as if we were loony. By the time we reached the hotel Naeems face was as red as a tomato and Atiyyah and I were giggling uncontrollably.
“That was the funniest ever! Oh gosh Naeem, your face is still pink.” Atiyyah collapsed on a chair in the foyer.
Naeem grimaced. “That was embarrassing.”
I flopped down next to Atiyyah. “No it wasn’t! It was absolutely hilarious walking the streets of KL with our gigantic suitcases.”
A porter arrived and relieved us of our luggage. A short while later we were given our access discs to our rooms and we went up. I took a quick shower whilst Atiyyah made a call to her parents.
“Let’s go get some food. I’m hungry,” I said to her as she cut the call.
“So what else is new.. From where?”
Just then there was a knock on the door. I opened it to find Naeem on the other side.
“You girls hungry? ‘Cause i’m starving. Thought we could get something to eat.”
Atiyyah joined me at the door and nudged my elbow. “Your Knight in shining armour.” Turning to Naeem she said,”Zahraa was just telling me how hungry she is.”
“For me to be her Knight in shining armour she’d have to be a Damsel in Distress.. And trust me, she is the last woman on the face of this earth that i’d call a Damsel in Distress.” He leaned casually on the doorframe.
“Hm okay, point taken.”
“I’m thinking more along the lines of..Wicked Witch of the West.”
Atiyyah burst into a fits of laughter and I glared at both of them. “Excuse me but if the two of you are done laughing at my expense, can we please go?”
We went downstairs to the hotel restaurant and placed our orders.
“So what are your plans for the next two weeks?” Naeem asked.
“Not sure. We’re just gonna take each day as it comes.. Do a bit of sightseeing, hit the theme parks, shop till we drop,” I replied. “You? Please don’t tell me your main job here is to babysit us.”
“Haha believe me, I have better things to do with my life than ‘shop till I drop’. I have some work to do for your father and after that i’m going to take a break myself.”
“You could join us when we go out sometimes,” Atiyyah chipped in. “You’ll just have to be careful that the Wicked Witch doesn’t cast an evil spell on you.”
“Right now i’m thinking about casting a spell on you that makes you keep your mouth shut!” I shot back.
“Give Divergent here a break. Let her eat her food in peace,” Naeem laughed.
We all tucked in and at the end I was so full, I could barely move. “Attz call the porter. Tell him to bring his trolley and take me upstairs.”
“Who asked you to be so greedy?”
“Not greedy, hungry,” I groaned.
Naeem got up to pay the bill and Atiyyah ran after him. Whilst the two of them were arguing about who was going to pay, I summoned the waiter. “Please put the meal on my tab. I’m in room 254. And then could you please tell those two people over there that the Wicked Witch has already taken care of the bill? Thank you.”
I got up and walked out (or should I say waddled out?) just as the waiter interrupted their argument. Smirking, I headed back to the room.


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